Correctional System Research Paper

Topics: Crime, Prison, Penology, Criminal justice, Capital punishment, Murder / Pages: 5 (1027 words) / Published: May 10th, 2016
First what is the Correctional System? It is a set of agencies that control crime and impose penalties on those that might not obey the law or violate them. What is the function of the correctional system? That is a very good question. The United States imprisons more people than any other country. Why is that, do American break the law more? To understand the true function of the correctional system you most know what it is not. One many say the system doesn’t work anymore do to the overcrowding in the prison. If correctional facilities are overcrowded wouldn’t that mean that we are running out of room to place people that violate the law and how do we determine who go and who don’t.
Punishing offenders was designed to have individuals turn
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Some prisons have trades, and college courses while others allow offenders to receive their GED or even a college degree. However, it’s very hard to find legitimate work when you have a felony on your record. Offenders learn trades to have skills once released, however, you have those companies in which the offender was trained to work in that particular field not qualified to work because once the background check comes back, they are no longer in the pool of being hired for a position or once the application for employment is completed and handed to a manager, they will not be hired based on the answer given from the question “have you ever been convicted of a crime or felony?”. Once the answer “yes” is given, a lot of companies will deny employment just on the fact that they have been convicted of a crime. So, rehabilitation works in some areas and then again, the offenders are back at square one because no one will hire them because of their past …show more content…
But the end result, if once punished, if rehabilitation is in place, it would help the offender understand although you are being punished for your crime, rehabilitation will be made available to you. Also, when rehabilitation is given, there must be some guidelines in place to give the offenders a second chance once released into society so they can become productive and a model citizen. With money being spent on each offender yearly, there has to be something done for those that’s ready to be productive. So, I would have to honestly say that I cannot choose one over the other because both need

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