Correctional: Maximum Security Prison

Topics: Prison, Penology, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Correctional Officers’ Experiences

We want to thank the Criminal Justice for inviting us to your class. We have prepared answers to the questions your professor submitted to us that as students you want answered. We believe you will find our answers interesting and helpful in understanding the operation of our maximum security prison. The impact on prison security is influenced by its environment. Our prison uses the unit management concept with additional contingencies easily incorporated in cases when the environment changes. We have several policies and procedures in place to enhance inmate management and security. Unit management allows us to organize the prison into smaller components, decentralizing some of the authority to manage the inmate population, thus making staff more accessible to the inmate population. A benefit to this type of structure is it provides staff the ability to monitor inmate activities. This aids with inmate rehabilitation by observing how each inmate behaves daily. Our staff includes us correctional officers, social workers, correctional counselors, educational, and mental health advisors. This helps us to ensure our security and measures by allowing us to observe potential issues prior to them becoming situations. In my short time here as a correctional officer, this type of management has prevented illegal activities, such as gambling, and physical assaults. This system combined with inmate classifications help to ensure security and custody. It is effective, but because our inmate population continues to grow, we are not able to prevent every mishap from occurring and lock-downs are necessary. We have locked down our facility to keep inmates safe when we receive intelligence of a possible strike or uprising. Maximum-security inmates occupy one and two person cells. Custody level is designed and constructed on the inmate’s classification, which reflects the maximum external and internal control that needs...
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