Correctional Management

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Correctional Management
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Correctional Management

Inmates sentenced to prison, held in secure custody, become tied to a unique system called prison. The effectiveness and environment of the system is reliant on the standards and relationships between guards, staff and inmates. This relationship will dictate the culture, environment, cohesiveness or disconnect amongst the groups but programs such as Correctional Accreditation will help to combat prison issues and ultimately improve the overall prison environment and relationships.


Wardens are the head officials of the prisons they wear many hats. The primary responsibility of the warden is to secure the prisoners as well as the institution. They have to deal with outsiders as well as inmates and staff. Wardens have the task of making sure strategies are in place to prevent things like escape and ensuring all rules and regulations are being followed by staff and inmates. One of the most important roles the warden has is keeping in line with the mission of the federal and state legislature to keep the community the safe. In addition to being able to safely run the facility wardens have to have the ability to financially run the facility. They have to meet the needs of the facility including the inmates all while keeping within the budget. To add to all the other responsibilities they have to take part in recruiting and training and retraining of officers. The demanding roles of wardens is an important part of the correctional system without them there would be chaos and the system would be out of control both inmates and the staff.

Prison Environment

The historic prison environment was very harsh and strict. The primary focus was on high security, solidarity, penitence, and harsh physical punishment. However, the individual warden who runs the prison primarily sets the prison environment. For example, if an autocratic warden operates the prison, then the environment of the prison will be no nonsense, highly restrictive, serious, and solemn environment. A warden, who operates his prison under the philosophy of scientific management, will establish a prison environment that requires constant supervision, correction, and time management of his staffs and inmates. This type of management philosophy is known as micromanaging in the modern day business world. A prison managed by a bureaucratic warden is cognizant of all internal and external influences that may affect the prison environment. The bureaucratic warden will account for the internal control and security of the prison, at the same time, taking care to ensure that the inmate have as normal a life as possible without the heighten tension and stress over personal safety. The bureaucratic warden is also abreast of the external influences on the prison environment, such as state and federal rulings affecting any changes to the prison, the public view, political influences affecting the funding of the prison, and among others. Some prison environment focus on the treatment model to help rehabilitate and counsel the inmates to become law-abiding citizens. The treatment model prisons have correctional administrators looking into various avenues of treatment to help and encourage the inmates from returning to a life of crime. The treatment model prisons have programs such as academic education, vocational training, and specialized behavioral treatment services to help rehabilitate the inmates. This type of prison creates the environment of help rather than punish. However, some prison environments, particularly the maximum-security prisons, have the tendency to infantilize the inmates. The increase of inmates is a severe hindrance to the advancement of change for inmates (Foster, 2006). It creates a suffocating environment that diminishes any possibility of change. Transfer affects state, and federal prisons in...
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