Correctional Counseling Options

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Treatment Options Available to Juveniles
Tonya Saxton
Minnesota School of Business

The number of juveniles in residential facilities has increased over the years. Many teens are being treated for disorders such as depression, anxiety-disorders, attention-deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other emotional disorders. Many children with problems that occur from home or school are taken in for an evaluation to help better diagnose what is going on. The assessments that are done give professionals a better understanding of how to better treat a child for the disorders. Through these tests, strengths and weaknesses are pointed out to determine which treatment is best for the juvenile.

The first treatment option available to youth is multisystemic therapy. This treatment available is a family and community based approach that concentrates on the influences that are affected by our youth. The interventions also focus on the relationships between the young adults and significant people in their life to change the way behaviors are shared amongst them. These interventions also must keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses, appearance, attitudes, beliefs and disabilities when assessing the youth. These interventions produce great changes with the interactions of other adults in their life.

The second kind of treatment available is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This kind of therapy involves therapeutic interventions that alter the behaviors and thoughts related to the poor behavior. There are two parts to this kind of treatment. The first one is to change the behavior by modification with using positive reinforcement on the youth. The second one is that when behavior processes are targeted, it would lead to a different way of thinking. This is done through skills training, problem-solving techniques, role modeling, cognitive behavior and rational emotional therapies are forms of cognitive-behavior treatments. This kind of treatment helps the...

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