Correction Fluid from Chalk
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IP Proposal
I. Title- Correction fluid from chalk
II. Problem
-how to make correction fluid from chalk dust safer?
a.) Hypothesis
- If this correction fluid won’t have any solvents/chemicals, then it won’t be harmful to the nose/body.
b.) Objectives of the study
-the objective is to create a safer correction fluid, to avoid it from being an inhalant.
c.) Significance of the study
-the significance of the study is to reduce the solvents and other chemicals that are harmful to the body when inhaled.
III. Review of related literature
A correction fluid is an opaque, white fluid applied to paper to mask errors in text. Once dried, it can be written over. It is typically packaged in small bottles, and the lid has an attached brush (or a triangular piece of foam) which dips into the bottle. It was originally called "mistake out", the invention of Bette Nesmith Graham. Bette Nesmith Graham put some tempera waterbased paint, colored to match the stationery she used, in a bottle and took her watercolor brush to the office. She used this to correct her typing mistakes.
IV. Materials chalk flour hot water container/bottle V. Procedure
1.) Grab a container or a mixing bowl. Get 3-5 pieces of chalk. Make the chalk into powder.
2.) Then put 1-2 tsp. of flour.
3.) Put a few tablespoons hot water. Make sure you don’t put too much.

4.) Mix well and place it in a bottle.
VI. Time table 30 minutes
VII. Budget
a.) Cost of each material
- Chalk- 20 pesos
- flour- 40 pesos
- bottle w/ brush- 20 pesos
b.) How much are you going to spend for the project? - 80 pesos .
c.) Do your parents approve of your budget? - yes.

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