Corporate Social Responsibility Paper 2

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Corporate Social Responsibility-
MNGT 5990
A. List 5 outcomes that make Walmart a socially responsible company.

1. Giving back to the society: The Walmart Foundation gives back to the society by giving scholarships and contributing to charitable organizations worldwide. 2. Women’s empowerment: Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are providing training and career opportunities for nearly 1 million women worldwide. 3. Energy efficiency: Renewable energy sources account for 21% of Walmart’s electricity worldwide. 4. Veterans: Walmart plans to hire more than 100,000 U.S. veterans over the next five years. 5. Diversity: Women account for almost 28% of Walmart’s corporate officers as well as hiring workers with different cultural backgrounds. B. List 5 outcomes that make Walmart less socially than it should be 1. Poor wages

2. Health Insurance
3. Poor working condition
4. Wrongful termination
5. Walmart is a job killer
Walmart is good for America. We reside in a market economy filled with competition, where every company is in competition with the other to supply quality goods and services to consumers and make the most profit. Walmart is also in the market to make profit and will do anything possible to succeed. Walmart is a good company because it is using its size and market power to provide consumers with lower prices for goods and services. Walmart in helping other smaller manufacturing companies grow contracts with them to supply some of its products as a way of advertising and promoting the product. It's also a great company because it hires so many people including veterans and creates jobs because of its expansion every single day. However, Walmart on like any other company has its negative side. Because of its size and market power, many smaller retailers have gone out of business because they lack the resources to compete on price and market share. The compensation levels for the front-line staff are lower than what society expects because...
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