Corporate Social Responsibility - McDonald's

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Corporate Social responsibility at McDonald’s

McDonald is one of the most renowned fast food restaurants across the globe. The vision of McDonald’s was coined by Ronal McDonald who identified the need of its target audiences and tailor made the products as per them. The organization has established a value proposition for the target audience on the basis of a penetration pricing strategy that has appealed to the people in almost every country. Being a tough competitor to many fast food retailing giants such as the Burger King, KFC etc, the organization has implemented an adaptation approach for every country that it enters. This implies that McDonald is willing to change its product portfolio and other strategies as per the expectations of the customers in the newly entered market. This allows McDonalds to create a link with the target audience and synchronize with their taste and preferences. For instance, when McDonalds entered the Indian markets in 1996 with its famous beef burger, it never expected that the Indian people will boycott the product because of their cultural norms and tradition. This forced the company to re-evaluate its strategies and introduce a new product “Aloo tikki” burger (Burger with potato stuffing) which was in line with the Indian sentiments. “Aloo tikki” has been one of the most preferred snacks for the Indian markets. Although it is not at all a healthy product but still it is in the taste and preferences of the customers. Therefore, the product was customized according to the customers. In the Australian market, the organization has even changed its brand name recently and is opening its outlets by a new nick name ‘Macca’. This is the extent of the adaptation strategy that the world has witnessed. Previously no organization has taken the initiative of changing its brand name to appeal to the target audience but McDonald has undertaken the same only to create a relationship with the target audience. The notion of corporate social responsibility has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past because of the increasing involvement of the organizations in the day to day life of the people. The concept states that an organization also has a lot of responsibilities towards its stakeholders that includes its employees, customers, suppliers, banks, financial institutions, government and the society on a whole. Therefore, the organizations should not undertake any activity that goes against the interest of the society. In fact, every organization should undertake activities that create some kind of welfare for the entire society. For instance, many organizations goes to the backward areas and provide free medical checkup for the people, distributes medicines, provides education to the children, spreads awareness regarding the women empowerment etc. All this constitutes of the corporate social responsibility activities of an organization. This also helps an organization in creating positive brand image in the minds and hearts of the target audiences because they might feel high of an organization and its activities. However, in the last few years, a lot many social groups and institutions have doubted the ethics of the company and have clearly stated that McDonald does not follow the concept of corporate social responsibility. This is mainly because the organization has been introducing numerous products in the market that are harmful for the health of the customers and increases the obesity level in them. In anticipation of higher profits, many a times, the organization might not follow the ethical code of conduct that might affect their sustainability in the near future. The same has been talked about McDonald’s because its products are just for the profits of the company and has a negative impact on the obesity level of the consumers. It is a very transparent fact that obesity has become a major problem across the globe and the same should be controlled in order to have a...

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