Corporate Social responsibility

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Case Study:
You have been recently appointed as a CEO of the software giant company having its presence in 25 Countries. Your major customers, employees and other stakeholders are in India. You have been investing heavily as a CSR activity in the Polio eradication campaign in association with Government of India. The success rate for polio eradication has been really good. The government of India appreciates you for the contribution in the noble cause and says that they don’t need your financial support for the same, as GOI can manage the limited expenditure for the same. You have to decide the new areas of spending in CSR activities. 1. Which CSR activities you would undertake in India? Give suitable reason and justify your answer. (10 Marks) An:

I would give priority to Education because I feel Education is the key for best Society. Without Education Even though the Country is developed it could not sustain for long time. In India Bihar is the least literate state in India, with a literacy of 63.82%. And most other parts of the Country too are living their lives without basic Education. As Per the 2011 Census, Literates constituted 74% of the Total Population in India aged 7 and above, and illiterates from 26%. About 270 million people aged 15 Years and older still remain illiterate in India, despite the country making the major progress in cutting down the number of school drop-outs over the Years. Among the working youth, approximately one in four is illiterate, and fewer than one in five completes secondary education. The education deficit is not filled by technical or vocational education and training, as only six per cent of urban youth and three per cent of rural youth attend technical or vocational training at the secondary level. Even though there are Good Number of MNC’s Participating in Eroding Illiteracy I still personally feel that there should be involvement of more Companies to contribute their share. As the...
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