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Financial Issues in Corporate Governance
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Dr. Güler Manisalı Darman

SRI Funds

The Social Investment Forum’s 2007 Report on Socially Responsible Investing Trends identified $2.71 trillion in total assets under management using one or more of the three core socially responsible investing strategies— screening, shareholder advocacy, and community investing. From 2005 to 2007, social investing enjoyed a growth rate of 18-perecent, increasing from $2.29 trillion in 2005. Nearly one out of every nine dollars under professional management in the United States today -- 11% of the $25.1 trillion in total assets under management tracked in Nelson Information’s Directory of Investment Managers—is involved in socially responsible investing. Most of the assets are in separate accounts, portfolios managed for institutional and individual clients.

As of 2007, there were 260 socially screened mutual fund products in the US, with assets of $201.8 billion. By contrast, there were just 55 SRI funds in 1995 with $12 billion in assets. SRI mutual funds span a range of investments, including domestic and international investments, and a growing range of products are available, including hedge funds and ETFs (exchange traded funds).

It’s the way we do business Contributing positively to our communities and environment is so important to Starbucks that it’s a guiding principle of our mission statement. We jointly fulfill this commitment with partners (employees), at all levels of the company, by getting involved together to help build stronger communities and conserve natural resources.

In our communities Starbucks has many community building
programs that help us be good neighbors and contribute positively to the communities where our partners (employees) and customers live, work and play. We encourage and reward volunteerism and
participation in organizations that are important to our partners, including local schools, literacy programs, walk-a-thons and Earth Day activities........

About Microsoft Corporate Citizenship
As an industry leader and the world's largest software company, Microsoft has a responsibility to act as a good corporate
citizen all around the world. Whether it is complying with local laws and regulations, demonstrating ethical business standards, mitigating risks to the environment, or protecting human rights, Microsoft is committed to being a global leader in corporate social responsibility.

Corporate citizenship is also core to the Microsoft business strategy and the way that we interact with customers, partners,
governments, and employees. It is a way of doing business that recognizes the effect that Microsoft has on society and the effect that society has on our business.

About Microsoft Corporate Citizenship
The Microsoft corporate citizenship mission is simple: to serve the public good through innovative technologies and partnerships and to deliver on our business responsibilities of growth and value to our customers, shareholders, and employees. This mission not only guides our work as a corporate citizen, but also provides a framework through which our business addresses new markets, technologies, and business models.

Opening New Worlds
Over the years, Microsoft has refined its approach to global citizenship based on the things we have learned about our role and responsibility as a global corporate citizen. We are always looking for ways that we can use our resources and influence to create opportunities for more people worldwide. Microsoft Unlimited Potential is a long-term global business and citizenship commitment to bring relevant, accessible, and affordable technology to 5 billion people worldwide. Through strong public and private partnerships, Microsoft is combining technology solutions, new business models, and advanced research to help create a continuous cycle of sustainable social and economic opportunity.

Partnering for Solutions
Microsoft is...
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