Corporate Parenting

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Explain the responsibilities of;

Corporate Parent:
Children’s homes operate under the directorate of “Corporate Parenting” meaning that when a child is placed in the children’s home on an interim or full care order or even if the child is voluntary placed by the trust ( once they become looked after), the staff within the home have responsibilities which include safeguarding the young persons welfare when their needs are being considered by the courts and also taking into consideration when making decisions the views of the child, parent and any other person involved with the young person. As a corporate parent the child’s religious identity, racial origin, cultural and linguistic background all need to be considered, also your role includes preparing the young person for life when they will no longer be “looked after” by the trust. Staff in residential care have a legal responsibility to each young person as directed by the “Children’s Order (NI) 1995. Under the directorate of corporate parenting social care staff with in children’s homes are obliged to look after and treat any young person as any other good parent would look after their own child. Social workers in residential care strive to involve the child’s parent in the decision making process of the child’s life; and work in partnership with parents, however there can be occasions where a parent does not act in the best interests of their child and the trust as a corporate parent can limit a decision made by the parent.

Professional Carer

Professional Carers can be employed within the statutory, voluntary and private sector, again professional carers (i.e) foster parents/ fee paid carers or emergency foster carers have a responsibility to provide a duty of care to safeguard and protect the welfare and well being of each child placed with them. Professional carers are also governed by policies and procedures and legislation which are a requirement by law.
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