Corporate Level Strategy

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When Starbucks entered China in 1999, the coffee company was prohibited from wholly owning its stores. Beijing lifted those restrictions on foreign ownership in the retail sector at the end of 2004, as a condition for its entry into the World Trade Organization. (Wall Street Journal, 2006)   Since then Starbucks has increased its equity position in Shanghai and Taiwanese operations, acquiring a 50 percent ownership interest in its Shanghai joint-venture with President Enterprise Corp. ASIAN PAINT

It is the market leader with 49% of market share in Indian decorative segment and maintains its position among the top ten players in the world. It is only Indian company operating in India having supply chain management supported by i2 technology. The report also talks about the market share of Asian paint in decorative as well as industrial segment and its growth. The report we made for demonstration present condition of Asian paint market in India and new expansion of market accross border analysis asian paint Traget marketing and marketing mix and describe about the Global trend and present situations as well as divest and invest return from diffrent countrys .It also talks about the suggested recommendation by us and mainly we have suggested Asian paint is to follow market leader strategy.

One of India's leading private airlines, Jet Airways launched its second low cost carrier, Jet Konnect on 8 May 2009, with response to the growing customer demand for low cost service. It was one of Jet's strategies to beat the economic slow down. Jet Konnect was launched to redirect the aircrafts in more profitable routes with higher passenger load. Moreover, Jet Airways might have faced regulatory issues if the transfer of excess aircrafts and assets from Jet Airways to JetLite would have taken place.

On April 2, 2007, Tata Steel Ltd. (Tata Steel) completed its acquisition of the Corus Group (Corus) for US$ 12.1 billion. The combined company went on to become the fifth largest steel producer in the world and had a crude steel production of 27 million tonnes in 2007.The acquisition was driven by the need to gain access to better technology and to new markets. The synergy arising out of the acquisition was valued at US$76 million for the financial year 2007-08. Further, joint integration teams were formed for key areas and this team identified synergies worth US$ 450 million to be realized by the year 2010.The combination of Tata Steel's low cost upstream production in India with the high end downstream processing facilities of Corus was likely to improve the competitiveness in the European operations, analysts said.  Tata Steel was expected to retain access to low cost raw materials and exposure to high growth in emerging markets, and to achieve price stability in developed markets. As a result of large scale consolidation, synergies were expected in joint procurement. After the acquisition, the top management team of Corus was retained as Tata Steel believed that a high degree of cultural compatibility existed between the two companies. PEPSICO

In the early 1980s, PepsiCo continued to grow its Frito-Lay brands in two ways—through international expansion and acquisition. Through a joint-venture with Walkers, a U.K. chip and snack manufacturing company, Frito-Lay increased its distribution presence in Europe. The Quaker Oats Company merged with PepsiCo in 2001, resulting in Quaker snacks products, including Chewy granola bars and Quaker rice cakes, becoming organized under the Frito-Lay North America operating division. Frito-Lay continued to experiment with changes to the composition of its products, introducing Reduced Fat Lay's and Cheetos in 2002. The "Baked" product line also expanded in 2002 to...
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