Corporate Housing Marketing Plan

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I.Executive Summary

There are not too many people who are fully aware of what corporate housing really is and what it consists of. Corporate Housing offers an alternative to hotels when the clients are planning on staying for a couple of weeks. Our goal is to make our company memorable for every client, we need to get to know our clients and truthfully address their needs accordingly. We will be reviewing the nature of corporate housing, how we plan on presenting the product, what locations and demographics are ideal for this, we will research our competitors, and finally create a marketing strategy which will consists of our: pricing, promotion, distribution, and our sales support. II.Business Overview

What is Corporate Housing? Simple it is a service provided for those individuals who will be in need of temporary accommodations in a remote location. Corporate Housing provides a turnkey service or traveling individuals who will be away from home for a minimum of 30 days. The 30 day convenience also eliminates the hotel tax that is nearly 15% or more. (Corporate Suites , 2009) Corporate Housing provides a more at home comfortable setting versus a hotel stay. Most importantly it is more space for less. (Corporate Suites , 2009) Corporate Housing is most commonly used by companies who will be relocating their employees for a temporary basis. It is also very popular among the government personnel who will be needing housing for a specific period of time. III.Target Market

For the Consumer Demographics we need to offer different signature packages, we need to reach out to the individuals from Mexico who plan on vacationing in Texas,establish the company in a specified location, and create access. We need to have a package that will be grearded toward the Generation Y individuals. This package will have to be contemporary and modern in order to appeal to the Gerneration Y. We will offer a more traditional package for the Gerneration X individuals. As part of the advertising we must also incorporate the Hispanic community, since we will be providing our service for the Rio Grange Valley in Texas. The cities will consist of Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, and Mission. After interviewing the Office Manager of Smart Life Temporay Housing, Melissa Kalpuch, she informed me that she has been getting requests for families from Mexico who are looking to visit the country for a short term of 30 days so. (Kalpuch, 2010) Many of them are mothers who attend the local clinics, by creating a flyer we can distribute them at the local doctors offices and even offer them a refferal for every unit that is booked. Building a repor with the companies we plan to work with is important which is why we need to hold a “Let’s Get to Know Everyone” dinner/party. In the get together we can start to build a relationship with different apartment complex comunities as well as get to know everyone. We must be sure and research which properties are gated, have the best reviews, and we must personally visit each location prior to offering a location to a client. After all the property will affect our clients first impression. We need to start by advertising on social networking sites, apartment finder sites, and corporate housing sites. For the Consumer Psychographics there is eight catigories we need to considser, of course there will be some that will be addressed and considered more than others. They are as follows innovators, thinkers, believers, achievers, strivers, experiencers, makers and surviviors. For the innovators we need to gear towards the option of providing clients with upscale luxury apartment homes, lofts or condominiums. This would be one that would end up falling under the Ideals, as well as thinkers. For the thinker we must provide all the detailed information in order for the thinker to make a wise decision. For the thinkers we can create an official proposal or quote which will contain property details, negborhood...

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