Corporate Governance and Heart Kids

Topics: Corporate governance, Management occupations, Management Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: October 21, 2012
BSBINM401A- Assessment 9Brandon Finn

Task 1:
Standard 1; Customer Feedback Form
Standard 2; Lockable filing cabinet/ records
Standard 3; Customer Satisfaction Survey/History
Standard 4; As above
Standard 5; As above
Standard 6; As above
I didn’t find this question to be very clear.

Task 2:
Home Address; Yes, we will require this to work out the cost of living for the customer’s location. Age; Yes, we would require this to decide their stage of life. What their priorities are re; Superannuation, first home. Marital Status; Yes, we would use this as they might have a second income we should know about. Number of Children; Yes, We need to know the number of dependants as their cost of living be much higher than a single person. Occupation; No, not necessarily important as to wage.

Level of Education; as above.
Wage; Yes, we need to know the income coming in to work out what the client can afford to have coming out.

Task 3:
b. The purpose is to create awareness of heart conditions in children, and to provide useful information and avenues of support for families of heart children. c. Families affected by child heart defects.

d. You can call or email them for further information or read the about us section on their website. e. The site is by Still Moving Design for Heart Kids Victoria. ii.Heart Kids Victoria Report;

Heart Kids Victoria is a non for profit organisation aimed at supporting children and families of children with heart defects. The website is very informative, with support options for families and stories on many beautiful children who unfortunately have suffered with some type of heart disease in their youth. There are some great stories of triumph and some very heartbreaking stories also. The target audience is families, but also gives options to anybody that would like to lend a helping hand, be it financial or volunteering, there is links to find out...
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