Corporate Environmental Responsibility: Sinopec’s impact on the sustainable and environment-friendly development

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Company: Sinopec

Essay Title: Corporate Environmental Responsibility: Sinopec’s impact on the sustainable and environment-friendly development

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Corporate Environment Responsibility: Sinopec’s impact on the sustainable and environment-friendly development

Nowadays, it is commonly recognized that human has destroyed natural environment with the human society and urbanization’s development. As the environment much more concerned by society and climate change influencing people’s daily life, Sinopec recognized that develop a sustainable and environment-friendly production could bring long-term benefits and satisfied society. As a worldwide energy and petrochemical company, Sinopec pay large attention to the environment protection (Green and Low-Carbon Growth 2011).

However, the high toxic plants (Three Petroleum Plants Closed 2012) and water (China Intensifies Efforts to Combat Water Pollution 2007) pollution problems caused by Sinopec, posed high environmental risk. These problems affected the public health and destroyed ecological system. As a result, the negative performance may damage the environment as well as company’s profit losing. This essay analyses both negative and positive performances of Sinopec on corporate environmental responsibility, including high toxic pollution explosion and Green and low-carbon growth program as well as the impact on society and stakeholders.

The negative performance of Sinopec

The issue of corporate environmental responsibility has grown with increasing severely environmental pollutions during recent years. Petrochemical giant Sinopec has suspended production at subsidiaries in Guangdong after the environmental pollution breaches exposed on state TV. Based on the CCTV report, it is known by society that no on supervised the company and required to correct their mistakes even it was obverse that their pollution were out of legal range in China. The company continue bullying relevant organizations and local governments, claiming their operations are essential for the national economic growth and society regardless the livelihood of citizens (Three Petroleum Plants Closed 2012).

Based on the CCTV report that a subsidiary of Sinopec dumped poison sewage in rainwater drains with improper method. The plant was also set up to have resumed operation without accept after being asked to close in May because failing to settle down citizens. Another subsidiary illegally kept a great amount of liquid into two tanks that designed for emergency use only (Li, Jing 2012).

“And Xinzhongmei Chemical Industrial, a joint venture in Zhanjiang partially controlled by Sinopec, tried to dilute its waste with tap water before dumping it. CCTV reported that Mo Zhi, the company's general manager, described the pungent odour from drainage pipes as "cooking smells" in an attempt to cover up the illegal handling of the waste.” (Three Petroleum Plants Closed 2012).

Greenpeace China campaigner Ma Tianjie claimed that it is seriously irresponsible for Sinopec because of the highly toxic waste. In these years, the projects of Sinopec have became opposite from local people so that environmentalists thought the state TV expose the truth to the society based on reliable evidence (Li, Jing 2012). Recently, the Sinopec engineering said the demand of coal-to-chemical projects grow fast and support by the local government in spite of carbon emission and scarcity concerns of limited resources. Because of the contracts with government, the outstanding orders are growing fast (Eric Ng 2013). Coal take 80% of Chinese energy use, which is a big factor significant contributing the air quality in China. However, another essential part is low-grade fuel burned by Cars and trucks in China. Because of the cleaning cost growth, the earning of Sinopec is reduced to some extent (Orlik, Tom 2013).

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