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Topics: Business ethics, Brand, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 11 (3605 words) Published: October 9, 2013
This report is based on the analysis of the concepts of corporate communication .In order to analyze the concepts of corporate communication a company is selected. The selected company in the analysis of corporate communication is Nestle. The report starts with the introduction of the Nestle. In the analysis, the corporate identity, image a reputation of the Nestle is described and the how the organization follows the rep trak model is briefed. Nestle is a company which has a strong brand name and logo. The brand name and the logo of the company are used in its all products and it affects the purchasing power of the consumers. In order to create a solid image, nestle gives huge importance to the customers of the company and they take various precautions to provide quality and safe products to their stakeholders. The reputation of the company is built through gaining the attraction of investors and motivation of the employees to create a good reputation of the company. The characteristics of rep trak model Nestle follow are innovation, products and services and leadership. Recommendations for the organization include improving their communications through formal events. Through this way, the organization can get publicity. Another recommendation is monitoring the employees and conducting workshops to improve the behavior of the employee. Last but not the least, recommendation is providing gifts to enhance effective business relationships between the stakeholders of the company.

The company Nestle was established in the year 1905, by the merger of a company called Angola-Swiss Milk Company. The company got its name “Nestle” based on the last name of the founder of the company Henri Nestle. The company developed through the first and the Second World War and expanded their products. (History,n.d) Today, the Nestle is one of the successful multinational food and Beverage Company in the world. Headquarter of the Nestle is in the Switzerland and its outlets are all over the world. There are Four hundred ad fifty factories of the Nestle in Eighty six countries. The total workforce of the company is around Three hundred and twenty eight thousand. Nestle is the largest food company in the world on the basis of profit wise. (History, n.d) The company Nestle has a wide range of products. Brands of Products under the roof of Nestle are Baby foods, Bottle water, Cereals, Chocolate and confectionary, coffee, frozen foods, dairy, drinks, foods, healthcare nutrition, ice cream and weight management products. (Brands, n.d) The corporate business principles of the Nestle are based on the culture of the organization. Nestle practices these business principles in their outlets in all the country. These are Nutrition, Health and wellness, quality assurance and product safety, consumer communication, human rights in the business activities, leadership and personal responsibility, safety and health at work, agriculture a rural development, environmental sustainability and water. (Nestle corporate business principles, n.d) Mission of the company

“Positively influence the social environment in which we operate as responsible corporate citizens, with due regard for those environmental standards and societal aspirations which improve quality of life” (Mission and Vision, n.d). Vision and values of the Nestle

“To be a leading, competitive, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company delivering improved shareholder value by being a preferred corporate citizen, preferred employer, preferred supplier selling preferred products” (Mission and Vision, n.d) CORPORATE COMUNICATION

In today’s business world, competitions are increasing and the stakeholder’s power is increasing. Every business entity is trying to obtain maximum output to gain competitive advantage. Corporate communication is one of the most important management...
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