Corporate Communication Strategies

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Title: Corporate Communication Strategies

Table of Contents
Task 15
1.1Purpose of Corporate Communication Strategies5
1.2Assessment of how corporate communication is linked to corporate objectives within organizations6 1.3Analysis of relationships between Corporate Communication and Corporate Branding6 Task 27

2.1 Demonstration of how you would plan an internal corporate communication audit7 2.2 Explain how you would conduct an internal corporate communications audit8 2.3 Critically evaluate the effectiveness of current levels of practice in your organization8 Task 39

3.1 Demonstrate how you would plan an external corporate communications audit9 3.2 Demonstrate how you would conduct an external corporate communications audit9 3.3 Critically evaluate the effectiveness of current levels of practice10 Task 411

4.1 Explain how you would plan the objectives of a corporate communication strategy11 4.2 Select the audiences to influence with a corporate communications strategy11 4.3 Plan appropriate measures to monitor a planned corporate communications strategy12 Task 512

Reflective Learning Statement12


In this report, corporate communication strategies in companies are discussed. The essentiality of corporate communication strategy and its link with the corporate objectives is discussed in this report. The report aims to know what impact that a corporate communication strategies, either an internal communication strategy or an external communication strategy can create on the business success as well as on the internal and external stakeholders of the company like employees, customers, suppliers, government and so on. The need for corporate communication audit and monitoring of corporate communication strategies are also another highlights of this report Task 1

1.1Purpose of Corporate Communication Strategies

Corporate business Communication strategy gears up its relevance in the contemporary business scenarios. This is a prominent ingredient in an effectual business strategy that helps the company to lead its path to ultimate success. Business communication seems to be complete with an effective corporate communication strategy which forms a base for a transparent communication among different people within a company as well as outside the business organisation. Public relations, advertising, marketing etc form a part of corporate communications, some other tools of corporate communication. Looking at the internal perspective, operational employee, team managers etc can increase their work efficiency through improved corporate communication among them. In the external perspective, through corporate communication, company can build good relationship with suppliers, customers/clients, shareholders, funding organisations, local communities, the media, etc and ensure smooth business operations. This is considered as a key ingredient of a business function that enables the coordination of work done by all individuals in each department. A proper synchronization of both external and internal communication is essential to ensure more business success. This leads to increased support of each stakeholder to the company.

1.2Assessment of how corporate communication is linked to corporate objectives within organizations

Corporate communication plays a significant role in attaining the corporate objectives. Customer satisfaction is a vital corporate objective, wherein communicating the product features and specifications is enabled through an effective corporate communication. How far the customers get attracted to the company’s product is linked with how extensively and effectively corporate communication techniques like advertising, marketing etc indulge in customer minds. Corporate communication strategies ensure the achievement of corporate objectives as when target customers get a clear picture...

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