corporate communication in contemporary organizations

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Corporate communication in contemporary organizations

A) A tactical approach to communication is either short time oriented. The plan of the communication activities in a company is developed for about one year. A tactical plan includes publicity seeking aspects and was mainly applied in the past (1900) .
The awareness of the importance of positioning organizations in the minds of stakeholders lead to the fact that organizations should start to get strategical structures. Nowadays a strategical orientation of organizations predominates. A strategical approach therefore means that it is long term oriented and the planning horizon is up to five years. A strategic oriented organization also enables a integrating of marketing communication and public relation. An example for an company which is strategical orientated concerning communication is Sony or Mark and Spencer. In those companies senior communication practitioners are members of their organization's management team.

B) In my opinion the most important organizational form that should be applied to reinforce the strategic role of communication is first to considerate communication into a single department so that it can be strategically managed from a central corporate perspective. This will be applied in the company by structuring the organizational communication in a vertical and horizontal structure. Vertical management is a more hierarchic way of management in which everybody knows their position and their specific tasks. The communication is from up to bottom. The responsibilities are clear and the allowance to give your opinion in the company is not as common as in vertical management. The mission, the company targets and the values will be communicated from the highest management to the lower managerial levels. From here the information will be communicated in a horizontal structure towards the other employees.

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