Corporate Citizenship

Topics: Social responsibility, Law, Government Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Corporate citizenship is a term used to describe a company role in the society, many times people has changed the name for social responsibility of the corporations and in one way it´s true but we are missing a very important part in it definition, the part we are missing is that companies are like a citizen with a territory so they have their assets and they can sue or be sued, and when you seen the corporate citizenship like this you can understand that also the companies has all the rights that the people has, for example the right of free speech, participate in the politics of the country where they are and other rights that everyone has, but this is only in some countries because in another countries the companies are the ones who have to do everything and the country or government doesn´t give any right or benefit to them.

The corporate citizenship has been present from many years or decades ago but only from 2000s many companies start to enter in this title if we can say it like this, this happen because in many countries the people start to buy the ideas that those companies that were social responsible were better than the others ones, so this become in a competition. The government also helps and gives many benefits to the companies that where social responsible and with this everyone wants to be a corporate citizenship and start many programs or regulations to become one. There are three ways to see the corporate citizenship in the world and this theory or approaches were established by Matten and Crane, the first two that I am going to mention are the most predominant in the business world, the approaches are:

Limited view – where corporate citizenship is used to denote corporate philanthropy in the local community, such as being a 'good citizen' in donating money to charity or helping out a local sports or arts institution. •Equivalent view – where corporate citizenship is used to refer to corporate social responsibility. •Extended view –...
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