Corporate Average Fuel Economy and Hybrid Model

Topics: Corporate Average Fuel Economy, Grocery store, Fuel economy in automobiles Pages: 4 (897 words) Published: April 1, 2013

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Part A: Multiple Choice

Choose the best response to each of the following questions:

1. Jean and her best friend, Verna, want to buy 3 DVDs that are regularly priced at $20.00 each. Today, three stores, A, B, and C, have the DVDs on sale. At which store will the friends spend the least amount of money if they buy 3 DVDs? DVD SALES|

Store| Sale offer|
A| Buy 1 and get 2 for half price!|
B| All DVDs on sale at 35% off!|
C| Buy two and get one free!|

a) Store A b) Store B c) Store C d) Stores A and C

2. Lisa is managing a popular new band. Each of the songs the band plays is 3 to 5 minutes long. Lisa needs to let the venue where the band will be performing know approximately how many songs they will play in two hours. Which is the best estimate?

a) 8 songs b) 12 songs c) 20 songs d) 30 songs

3. Whose rate of pay is the highest?

a) Antoine earns $66.00 in 8 hours. b) Laurie earns $72.00 in 5 hours.

c) Ken earns $51.00 in 5 hours. d) Sara earns $89.00 in 6 hours.

4. Janine just came home from a vacation in Cancún, Mexico and has 300.00 pesos left over. If the bank buys pesos at $0.083 443 CAD, how much will Janine get back in Canadian dollars?

a) $25.03 b) $3595.27 c) $359.53 d) $250.30

5. Alicia will be going to a construction trade show in Paris this year. Her budget is $1200.00 CAD. If the bank sell rate is one euro for $1.644 814 CAD, how many euros will she have to spend in Paris?

a) €1973.78 b) €729.57 c) €731.71 d) €1968.00

Part B: Short Answer

6. Find the unit cost of each of the following items. Show your calculations. a) a package of 10 wood floor tiles for $69.07 b) a package of 25 Richelieu screws for $1.45

7. Write as a unit rate. Show your calculations.
a) 25 m of tape for $0.95 b) 120 words typed in 3 minutes

c) driving 240 km in 4 hours...
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