Corporal Punishment for Children

Topics: Child abuse, Evidence, Corporal punishment in the home Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: March 22, 2011
The topic being argued is whether or not corporal punishment or smacking children should be made illegal. From the whole issue about the Yea Primary School mother hitting her daughter on the leg with a wooden spoon, has made the party to decided about making corporal punishment illegal or not. This issue has a lot of concern towards parents, children, government, schools and the general society. The government must consider parents on this matter and what they will do about it. Cheryl Critchley ’Smacking is distinct from child abuse’ from Herald Sun advises parents to consider the change in the law because this issue does a lot of harm towards children. While Thomas Hammarbery “Outlaw corporal punishment of children” from the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights says that the government should consider banning corporal punishment.

Cheryl Critchley persuades her audience through emotive language and inclusive language. This articles’ main target audience are parents, but it also includes the general public too. Critchley suggests that emotive language is used to touch the heart of the audience which makes them think about their action towards child abuse. She use emotive language throughout the whole article, which appeals to the readers heart and make them “feel awful afterwards” when they abuse their children for misbehaving. Critchley uses inclusive language by including the audience as much as she can since she is trying to reach out to parents out there. She uses words such as ‘we, us and our’, to make the audience feel that they are apart of what she is saying and that she understand them and it would effect them by “If we smack, some accuse us of child abuse and being unable to control our kids”. However, on the other hand, Hammarbery persuades his audience by using less inclusive language and emotive language, since his audiences are not parents who he needs to touch, they are governments that he needs to reason with. Hammarbery does include...
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