corporal punishment

Topics: Woman, Sadness, Periodization Pages: 1 (542 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Jimmie Smith
“The Story of an Hour”
"In the Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin’s, is a powerful story about a woman, Mrs. Mallard who is given the horrible news that her husband has just passed away in a train accident. Devastated by her husband’s sudden death she excuses herself and immediately rushes to her bedroom. When she gets to the bedroom we see a different side of Mrs. Mallard. She is upset about her husband’s death, however; she is somewhat happy. This is why this story has to do with irony, the time period, and freedom as well. First, is the irony used in in “The Story of an Hour”? Situational irony is used in "The Story of an Hour" through Mrs. Mallard's reaction to her husband's death. When she first heard the news of her husband's death, Mrs. Mallard, cried at once, with sudden, wild abandonment”. It appeared to everyone in the house that she was very sad and went upstairs to be alone in her room. This is the normal type of reaction after having just lost a loved one. However, once Mrs. Mallard is alone in her room, we as the reader witness that she is not saddened by the loss of her husband but rather relieved. All of a sudden we here Mrs. Mallard whisper free multiple times. Second, is the time period “The Story of an Hour” is set in. The Setting of the story is in the 1800’s which is a time period where woman didn’t have equal rights as men did. Women were really the ones that stayed home and took care of the family and tended to the house, while the husbands went out and worked. Women really stayed out of the light and their opinions were never really heard of or considered. Even though women probably had desires and feeling, they were never heard of. Woman were scared to speak about how they truly felt, it was just something that never happened during that time period. Finally, is the theme freedom in the story. In the It is like Ms. Mallard is free when her husband dies. Yes she cried after hearing the news of her husband...
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