Cornell Notes Sample and Directions

Topics: Slavery, Thirteen Colonies, Joint stock company Pages: 3 (512 words) Published: February 23, 2015
Title: Copy the Chapter and Section Number with the Title Date: Write down the date

Essential Question: (In Class Warm up)

Copy down the essential question. The essential question is the big idea and learning goal for the day.

Think About it… (In Class Warm up)

Respond to the think about it question or quote in 2-3 sentences. You DO NOT need to copy down the question, just answer the question in your own words. Questions- (Homework)

Use your Critical Thinking skills to engage the content which you took notes about today to understand it on a higher level.

Ask Level 2 and Level 3 Questions. Avoid basic questions like “When did the Revolutionary War start?”

Try and find Connections between the Content and something you already know or something personal.

Write down what your personal reaction is to something that learned.

5 minimum
Notes: (In Class)

Copy down the Notes in bullet point form.
Try and shorten or abbreviate when appropriate to save time. Underline or Highlight any key terms which appear underlined or in bold.

Summary: (Homework)

Use the information from your notes as evidence to answer the essential question in 2-3 sentences.

Ch 1.1 The American Colonies Date: 9/4/13 EQ: How were the Northern and Southern Colonies different?

Think About it…
I think notes can be a good tool, but they become ineffective when they are too long. I know it is a valuable skill because in College I am going to have to take Notes often. I like it when Teachers use visuals during the notes and give us an opportunity to speak. Questions-

Were there any Southern Colonies founded for religious freedom?

Why didn’t the Southern Colonies expand beyond agriculture?

How was Slavery different in the North and South?

Why wasn’t Tobacco...
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