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Topics: Great Lakes, Michigan, Lake Michigan Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: February 9, 2013
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notes    Semantic map or web | * Can be used to provide an outline of the course, chapter, or lecture. * Organized by main ideas and details. * Can be as detailed as necessary. * Sequential-- take notes as they are given by instructor or text in an orderly fashion. * After class, write a summary of what you learned to clarify and reinforce learning and to assist retention. * Can be used as study tool: 1. Define terms or explain concepts listed on the left side. 2. Identify the concept or term based on its definition on the right side. * Can be used to provide a "big picture" of the course, chapter, or lecture. * Organized by main ideas and sub-topics. * Limited in how much detail you can represent. * Simultaneous - you can use this method for instructors who jump around from topic to topic. * After class, you will probably need to "translate" notes into a Cornell format. * Can be used as a study tool -- to get a quick overview and to determine whether you need more information or need to concentrate your study on specific topics. | Summary:

There are a couple of ways that you can take notes. The Cornell method is best when the information is given in a sequential, orderly fashion and allows for more detail. The semantic web/map method works best for instructors who skip around from topic to topic, and provides a "big picture" when you're previewing materials or getting ready to study for a test. |

Subject: _______Old French days__________________Date___02/01/2013_____ Main Ideas | Details |
First discovery of North America   Quebeck  French invasion“New France” | * In 1497 Europeans came by ships to find the way to reach China, but they never founded it. They left, but later some of them returned to explore new country and find treasure. * About fifty years French trappers were roaming the forest of Canada and canoeing on Great Lakes. * In 1608 a French...
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