Corn Seed Germination in Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Tap Water
Corn Seed Germination Experiment

A common corn kernel will not successfully germinate in extra virgin olive oil. The purpose of this experiment was to determine if seeds would or could germinate in extra virgin olive oil as they would in water. Each seed was prepared for the experiment the same with the exception of the liquid that was used. The results showed that the extra virgin olive oil did not provide the proper minerals and or environment to successfully allow germination within the allotted three day window for the experiment.

The United Nations reported that the planet is in the midst of a “water crisis”. This experiment could potentially raise the question of whether certain crops could germinate successfully without water. If the planet is indeed in a “water crisis”, exploring alternative sources for life sustaining liquids would be a study worthy of every biologists time and energy. However, this experiment is not intended to replace water, only to determine if a seed will germinate under the same circumstances with oil being it’s only liquid supplement.

In order to determine whether the seeds would germinate alike, a package of common yellow corn seeds was purchased at a local nursery and separated into two groups. Each group of seeds were placed inside of a clean, white paper towel and then rolled into a “tube”, then folded at the bottom ensuring the seeds were secure inside of the paper towel. The two tubes were then individually placed into two separate twelve ounce coffee cups. The cups were then placed in natural sunlight that was entering the room through a skylight directly above the counter on a flat surface. The first cup, hereafter referred as CUP A was filled with approximately an inch of regular tap water. The other cup, now referred to as CUP B was filled with an equal amount as CUP A of extra virgin olive oil. The very first...

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