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Topics: Feeling, Protagonist, Marriage / Pages: 4 (853 words) / Published: Sep 16th, 2013
If we take a look at the main character Darla, we discover that she is Jon’s girlfriend. She is a young woman in her twenties and a bit older than Mandy and Trover.
Darla is quite shy, and she doesn’t feel like showing herself in a swimsuit in front of the others: ””A little later,” she said, knowing that she wouldn’t, that she hated others seeing her in her swimsuit.” (ll.60-62). She is described as being slim and caring about her body, and what she puts in it: ”She thought of the bright packages as bags of chemicals, pre-serving each other, as though they were something worth pre-serving”. (ll. 68-70). She describes the snacks in Trevor’s and Mandy’s house like they are packages of chemicals. And because Jon takes her to a restaurant he can’t afford, we get the feeling that she is from another environment than Jon, Trevor and Mandy.

Darla is very unsecure about herself and her own abilities. Even though she finds it hard to visualize herself as a mother, she still has some thoughts about it: ””I’d be horrible at it. I’d probably start drinking. I know I would.””. (l. 80) “She’d heard about it from friends (…). It always sounded impossible to her.” (ll.160-163). She doesn’t quite know what she wants. She can’t see herself as Mandy and she focuses on all the negative things about the house, even though Mandy and Trevor has the life that most people wish for: ””Don’t worry. Your house is really nice. This is what people want.”” (l. 96)
The relationship between Darla and Jon has been going on for nearly a year, but they clearly have to different opinions about the relationship. Jon is very keen on including Darla in the family, but Darla realizes that the he isn’t the man for her: ”What she liked best about him, Darla had realized earlier in the car, was that it wasn’t going to last, so she didn’t have to care that much really.” (ll. 11-13).

They don’t talk a lot, and they seem quite awkward around each other.: ”When she came back, they both pretended

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