Core Values

Topics: Sociology, Society, Modus operandi Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Core values
Respect, integrity, expertise, involvement, transparency and avoiding conflicts of interest. These are the core values guiding everyone associated with TU Delft. Our modus operandi as an institution is trust – by which we mean that every member of our community is expected to comply with the core values, to draw inspiration from them and to feel responsible for upholding them. All at TU Delft should act with a sense of social responsibility and be aware of technology’s value to and impact upon society. Our staff, our students and our guests are all open about the roles they play and the activities they perform. Much of what the university does is situated on the interface between the public and private sectors. Avoiding conflicts of interests is therefore a key guiding principle for us. Ours is a learning organisation, with a culture in which drawing lessons from positive experiences elsewhere – as well as from “what went wrong” – comes as second nature. Respect

TU Delft stands for proper appreciation of everyone’s qualities. Freedom to excel is at the heart of all we do, both academically and in supporting roles. There is no place here for any form of discrimination, for other kinds of intentional unfair treatment or for anything which prejudices TU Delft as an institution. Integrity

TU Delft stands for honest staff and students who think and act in an open manner, who demonstrably put the interests of science and society before their own personal and private advantage, who interact critically and constructively and who are not afraid to challenge unacceptable behaviour. Expertise

TU Delft stands for staff who always act with the utmost professionalism. Again, freedom to excel is crucial here, both academically in supporting roles. We expect all our staff to stay fully informed about their work and their discipline in general. They should strive to be leaders in developing knowledge, in pushing back the boundaries of research, in providing...
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