Core Competencies, and the Planning and Implementing of Information Technology

Topics: Management, Strategic planning, Goal Pages: 3 (1314 words) Published: November 6, 2014

Core Competencies and the Planning and Implementing of Information Technology

With any organization, rather it be civilian or military focused, there is a common element that resides; organizational competencies. These competencies is what makes any organization unique and identifies how they do the things they do, how relationships with institution division and external entities are developed and handled. With Information technology shifting from an administrative support tool to a strategic role within the organization, the question, or debate, is whether or not the planning and implementation of information technology, based on strategic goals, essentially share the same organizational competencies. This article will discuss and define organizational competencies and how it affects the planning and implementation of Information Technology in today’s organizational infrastructure. Keywords: Organizational competencies, Information Technology, civilian, military

Core Competencies and the Planning and Implementing of Information Technology When considering the idea and to agree or disagree on whether or not the planning for and implementation of information technology (IT) in civilian and military organizations based on the overall strategic goals require essentially similar organizational competencies raises many questions and food for thought.  However, some would argue that when you analyze the baseline of operations and theory, then yes it can be agreed upon.  On the other hand, many would argue differently.  In this article I will try to articulate to you why I agree that implementing IT based on the overall strategic goals requires similar organizational competencies that are used in the civilian sector within the military as well. This article will first discuss both the misconception and reality of what ‘organizational competencies’ are and how the implementation of IT is affected by an institution's defined organizational...

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