Copy of Miss Pathupats

Topics: Pampanga, Kapampangan people, Philippines Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Miss Phathupats
by: Juan Crisostomo Soto

The face of a young woman named Miss Yeyeng is full of lipstick and make-up. They say his parents were born in the remote part of Pampanga, in its smallest town. Thus, Miss Yeyeng is a Filipina from head to toe, and even the extremity of her hair, she is a Kapampangan.  Because of poverty, they sell cooked food to earn a living. Miss Yeyeng could be seen with a load in her head some "ginataan" or "bitso-bitso" or donut in the gambling dens. She turned into a young lady with no chance to change her life's condition. The revolution was over. The military government of America opened a school and here, the American soldiers were sent to teach. Miss Yeyeng, not yet a lady at that time, happened to have a regular costumer who is a soldier. She was enticed by the soldier to attend his class so that they would be able to communicate better. In their conversation, the soldier speaks English while Miss Yeyeng speaks Kapampangan, so she was forced to study. After a few months, Miss Yeyeng already speaks English. Over eight months, with the encouragement of the soldier, she was sent to teach to the other town. When she was teaching there, the town's folk were much amazed with her because she speaks English better than them. That was how time passed by. Then, Miss Yeyeng seldom spoke Kapampangan because she said she forgot the language already. According to her, Kapampangan is stiff and her tongue is twisted whenever she uses it, so she could never speak it straightly anymore and she stammers when she does so. People who know much about her shrugged off their shoulders upon hearing her. And so, they changed her name into a lurid and stinking "Miss Phathupats," a name derived from her wide hip which is forced to fit in a very tight pencil cut skirt that made her no less than that of a "patupat" or "suman sa ibus" tightly wrapped in a banana leaf. Since then, this is the name they branded her, forgetting permanently Yeyeng, her...
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