Copy Editing and State History Displays

Topics: Copy editing, Editing, Puerto Rico Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: January 24, 2014
A rough draft is preliminary or tentative revision.
It is where the writer gets his/her thoughts on paper.
After the rough draft is created, it will be edited.
Editing is the step where a written refines the copy.
Proofreaders, mark are used to edit the rough draft.
The editing changes will then be made to the original.
After the changes have been made, read the copy again.
More changes may still need to be made to the copy.
Editing and proofreading do take time and effort.
An error-free message is worth the trouble, however.

When a positive image of the person who wrote the message is formed, the message is more likely to succeed. Remember you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Cap the first word and all proper nouns in each sentence. For example: Pablo Mendez is from the san Juan, Puerto Rico. Ami Qwan and her parents will return to Taipei this fall. Our coffee comes from Brazil tea, From England or china. How many of you have ethnic origins in a foreign country? Do you know which of our states once part of Mexico?

Runners 180, 190, 495, and 507 were scheduled for august 15. Her telephone number was changed to 708-194-5009 on July 10. Review rules 1-9 on pages 89-90 and Rules 15-19 on pages 174. Thank you for recommending spencer Schultz. The graphics he prepared for our states history displays at this year’s convention were excellent. From the beginning of the project, we knew we were going to be pleased with this artwork. Spencer attendee and contributed to all of our brainstorming sessions. His interests and enthusiasm for the project motivated the entire committee. His suggestions for implementing graphic arts in our display exceeded our expectations. The quantity and quality of work completed by spencer was superb; and on those rare occasions when an error was found, he always made timely corrections. As you are well aware, the state history displays were well received by participants at this year’s...
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