Copper Sunrise

Topics: Bankruptcy in the United States, Chapter 11, Title 11, United States Code, Robert I of Scotland Pages: 10 (2951 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Comprehension Questions:

Chapter One:

Why could Davie not find Mathieu?
Davie could not find Mathieu because Mathieu was below decks seriously ill. He was suspected to have caught the plague in Glasgow, Scotland.

Why did the captain not turn back to Scotland to obtain assistance? The captain did not turn back to Scotland to obtain assistance because they would be refused entry to the port as their ship was suspected to contain the plague.

Chapter Two:

What had happened to Mathieu and two other sailors?
Mathieu and two other sailors had died and had been buried at sea. Mathieu had been below decks and seriously ill at first.

Describe some of the beliefs held by the villagers regarding the native peoples. Some of the beliefs held by the villagers regarding the native peoples (a.k.a. savages) were that they were strange and hideous giants that lived in the dark forests of the interior and who painted themselves red (this was said by the fishermen and their wives). Others said that the rocks they made the paint from turned their skin red and could never be washed off. Still others say that there was cannibalism and murder among them, though this was only half believed by the villagers. There were also the few who believed that the native peoples did not dare to approach the villagers because they feared the guns and dogs.

Chapter Three:

What gift did Jamie receive when the supply ship docked?
When the supply ship docked, the gift Jamie received was a copper flute which he immediately began playing.

Explain how the seal hunt illustrates Jamie’s feelings towards wildlife. The seal hunt illustrates Jamie’s feelings towards wildlife because when he saw the seal die, he was enraged immediately and spontaneously decided to tell Robert of his (Robert’s) mistake. Jamie hurried to do this even with a bleeding knee. Jamie believed that the seal had been a friend and that no one had wanted the seal to be killed as when the seal was alive, he had been a good, playful creature. This shows that Jamie respected wildlife and believed that no living thing deserved to die.

Chapter Four:

What feelings were shared by the boys when they first met at the pond? The feelings that were shared by the boys when they first met at the pond include both being started/surprised and afraid of what might happen. They were frightened because both probably heard negative rumours about the other. They were both also curious because the other probably doesn’t remember the wild tales they had been told.

Why were the items exchanged at this initial meeting significant? The items exchanged (Tethani offered the copper necklace and a salmon for Jamie’s copper flute) at this initial meeting were significant because it marked the beginning of a relationship that is discouraged by the people they grew up with. It foreshadowed a relationship between Tethani’s people and Jamie’s people. The items exchanged also shows that change starts with one person taking the initiative, in this case Jamie and Tethani.

Chapter Five:

Describe Jamie’s first impression of Tethani.
Jamie’s first impression of Tethani was that he was a mysterious boy who caught big fish with his hands and played skillfully with the copper flute. Jamie realized Tethani wasn’t like the savages in the village stories and he was no murdering cannibal; instead, he saw a tall, black-haired boy that had coppery skin and a smile that showed space between his teeth. Jamie began thinking of Tethani as a friend, not a savage/enemy.

If you were Jamie, how would you feel when you found the gift hanging from the tree? Why? If I were Jamie and found the gift (a fragile-looking string of beads) hanging from the tree, I would feel surprised, uncertain, wary, pleased, relieved, and many other emotions. At first I would probably be surprised because I wouldn’t expect Tethani to leave a gift then just leave. I’d be uncertain since I wouldn’t be sure whether it was meant...
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