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The aim of this experiment is to convert copper metal through a series of intermediate copper compounds back into copper metal. By weighing the copper at the beginning and at the end of the experiment the percentage yield can be determined.


The experiment was carried out as outlined in the practical manual.


Table: showing masses:

Mass copper wire
Mass crucible
Mass watch glass
Mass watch glass + copper
Mass copper product


Percentage yield:

Discussion and conclusion:

The percentage yield of copper was calculated to be reasons for such a low yield could be from a few factors such as not all the copper setteling to the bottom of the beaker before decanting the supernatant liquid thus loosing some yield. I was not able to leave my copper sample in the crucible to dry, as time did not permit so I had to change it from the crucible to the watch glass. Some of the copper may have been lost there. Some of the copper precipitate was lost when transferring it from the beaker to the crucible. As it was hard to make sure all the copper precipitate left the beaker. From this experiment I have learnt that you can perform a whole load of experiment on “something” such as copper just to end up with that “something” copper in another form. While this procedure happens mass is “lost” (when decanting, or reactions are taking place) from the original sample. It will be hard to achieve a 100% yield in this experiment.


1. Boiling chips contain many microscopic pours, which provide a rough surface upon which boiling bubbles can form. If there was no surface for these bubbles to form superheating can occur which can ruin your experiment and can become a danger. 2. The aluminum is higher up on the reactivity table than copper and is therefore more reactive and can displace the copper from the solution by reducing the copper ions to copper...

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