Copenhagen Is the Best City in the World to Live in Today

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Vanessa He
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August 11, 2011

When people think of the best things, it differs from person to person. However, we are all looking for a place that fits our needs perfectly, which can be quite a herculean task. The turbulent economic backdrop makes the task even tougher for you. According to some market research and surveys, there are a handful of cities that were voted as the best cities to live: “In all the time, Dutch research scientist Ruut Veenhoven (2009) of Erasmus University in Rotterdam has been carrying out his surveys for the World Database of happiness, Copenhagen in Denmark has topped the list” (29). I fully support that Copenhagen must be the best city in the world to live in today, because Copenhagen has a fairly eager working environment; it is also in the forefront of the green movement; more than that, Copenhagen still has an appealing vacation time which is government mandated and paid.

Copenhagen has an exoteric, informal working environment and a flexible labor market. When working in Copenhagen, your social life at work is concentrated around the lunch break and at social events during the year. “Every year almost 100,000 employers in Danish companies participate in an annual run in central Copenhagen” (Mark 2006, 134), which is a way of alleviating working stress as well as giving the employees a possibility of socializing. The Economist (2006) reported “it is Copenhagen's exceptional performance on jobs that has attracted most attention.” In some cases, “the Danish labor market model named under the label of the Nordic Labor Market Model, of which the main idea is that whenever a firm cannot keep workers productive in their current job, the government should take responsibility and retrain workers” (Tor and Niels 2009, 105). Therefore, we can say that one who lives in...

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September 7.
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