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copeland killers

By iyshamcrae Feb 26, 2014 767 Words

Copeland killers
Would you think that two people old enough to be grandparents would be murders? In this case, they are murders Ray and Faye Copeland have murdered people and have kept their victims clothing to make a blanket out of them. As far as the motive is concerned, I would say that it has to do with the choice theory on how the main motive is criminal enterprise to just use the Drifters as long as they were needed and then get rid of them for good.

Ray was born in 1914 in Harrison Arkansas; Faye was born in 1921 in Harrison Arkansas as well as Ray. As a child, Ray Copeland did not have a very stable living situation. They constantly moved around to many many different places. He moved enough for Ray to have only obtained a Fourth grade education, before he dropped out of school to help his needy family. At the age of twenty, his criminal career had started when he stole two hogs from his father, and trying to sell them in a different county. In 1936, Ray was known for stealing livestock, as well as being arrested in Harrison for writing a bad check to buy livestock, which he was sentenced to one year in jail. (Blanco)

Ray and Faye met in 1940 after six months of meeting they were married. They then had their first son in 1943 Everett who was followed by Billy Ray. In 1944, after the two boys were born they moved to Fresno County CA were they had three more kids. In 1949, he was arrested for cattle theft and then again in 1951 the sentencing combined he had to serve one year in jail and do manual labor at the judges farm. Once he moved to Illinois, he then moved around for the next eight consecutive years after that; until he made it to Missouri where he then decided to think of a new way to write bad checks. Ray began to have passer byers sign his name on the check so that if and when he was to get caught he would be able to say that he was not the one that signed that check that someone must of taken one of his checks to try and write a bad check.

In the 1970’s one passer byer, whom Ray had used to forge his own name was, Gerald Perkins. The police caught Gerald Perkins, and he gave up Ray for once again check forgery. The police later then arrested Ray and he then spent two years in a federal prison for check forgery. He then was released after the two years were up. In the 80’s is when Ray then tried to work out the kinks of his plan that he had planned and he the passer byers get their own post office box and their own bank accounts so that he would have nothing to do with it. But in reality he was the puppet master of the passer byers. Once Ray was finished with the passer byers he then got rid of them for good by killing them and buring them in his barn on his 40 acre plot of land that he had bought and lived on with his wife Faye Copeland.

In ’89,Jake McCormick who used to work for Ray and Faye , when he was working for them he had found human remains on their land as he was working one day. Jake had called the police to report the remains he had found but he did not corporate with the police, so they could not do anything about it the first time. After had found out that he would be able to be paid to help turn the couple in he then called the hotline and tipped the police of and gave the police enough to get a search warrant to go and search everything on October 9, 1989.

On October 17, 1989 they then found the bodies buried in shallow graves, in a barn that Ray was known to use. The Police also found a .22 caliber rifle. The creepiest artifact that the police were able to collect as evidence was a quilt from the couple’s bed made of the victims clothing that they were wearing that Faye had sewn together. They both were then arrested and sentenced to death role.

Ray committed these crimes knowing what the

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