Coors Marketing Case Analysis

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Analysis of both Mr. Brownlow and the Coors distributorship opportunity has enabled an informed recommendation as per the best methods of determining the viability of the business endeavour. Mr. Brownlow is a young man who is currently completing his M.B.A. and has a great interest in running his own small business. With his recent increase in cash availability, he is interested in doing something, which will prove to be both challenging and rewarding. With Mr. Brownlow’s fantastic support system and strong educational background his opportunities are unlimited. With the news of a Coors distributorship availability, Mr. Brownlow’s interest in having his own business increased. With a quickly approaching application deadline, he must determine the feasibility of the business. Mr. Brownlow had enlisted the aid of Manson and Associates, a very prestigious research company, who have extremely expensive prices. With a currently small budget of $15,000, Mr. Brownlow must have the research most essential in coming to a decision completed. Manson and Associates are proposing that $18,549.50 of research should be completed to make a formal decision. With Mr. Brownlow’s $15,000 he can either, get a bank loan of $3,549.50 and have Manson and Associates complete all suggested research, have Manson and Associates complete result of his choice up to the amount of $15,000, “shop around” for a cheaper firm to complete the research or finally have no formal research completed and attempt to do it himself. The best method for Mr. Brownlow to determine the achievability of the Coors distributorship is to have Manson and Associates complete the research of his choice up to the amount of $15,000 and with the assistance of his family and friends attempt to complete the remaining research. Method two will provide Mr. Brownlow with accurate, professional information and a strong idea of the business’ likelihood of being successful.


Whether or not to take on a new business venture or to create a business of your own takes a great deal of commitment and effort. Detailed research and analysis are also required to determine the feasibility of any prospective business opportunity. Mr. Brownlow, a young man from Delaware has been faced with the serious decision of giving direction to Manson and Associates regarding which research should be completed to determine market potential of a Coors beer distributorship for a two county area in southern Delaware (McDougall & Weinberg, p.63, 2003). This decision will outline a future path for him and for his family. Mr. Brownlow who is currently completing his M.B.A. has always dreamed of owning his own small business. Mr. Brownlow and his family have been living on an annual trust income of $40,000. It was on the basis of this income that Mr. Brownlow decided to leave his sales engineering job and return to graduate school (McDougall & Weinberg, p.64, 2003). Due to a recent family tragedy Mr. Brownlow will be the recipient of a $500,000 trust fund on his 30th birthday in July. Instead of investing his money and enjoying an early retirement Mr. Brownlow longs for a challenge and the ability to interact with others.

One opportunity to initiate this challenge was presented by the beer company Coors. Mr. Brownlow’s interest immediately deepened in this fourth largest seller of beer in the United States. Coors, which dates back to 1873, when Adolph Coors built a small brewery in Golden, Colorado, is devoted to the quality of their product, to the environment and to giving people something in which to believe (McDougall & Weinberg, p. 64, 2003). This family operated business is a worldwide trendsetter, becoming one of the first breweries in the industry to recycle their beer cans. SITUATION ANALYSIS

Mr. Brownlow is faced with the dilemma of determining the feasibility of applying for the recently announced Coors distributorship. Coors...

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