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2.1Location of the Bank3

2.3Types of services/products given

2.2.1Personal Banking1

2.2.2Business Banking1

2.2.3Investment BankingError! Bookmark not defined.

2.2.4Electronic Services1

2.3Mission statement and aim of the Bank1

2.4Departments of the BankError! Bookmark not defined.

2.5Personnel of the Bank1

2.6Weeks Descriptions1

2.7Project DescriptionsError! Bookmark not defined.

2.7.1Problem AreaError! Bookmark not defined.

2.7.2Explain and clarify the causes of the problemError! Bookmark not defined.

2.7.3(Area of Concern) Banking Services FeesError! Bookmark not defined.

2.7.4Solution Proposed to Solve the ProblemError! Bookmark not defined.

2.7.5Project Conclusion1

2.8 Recommendations of the project 1


2.8.2What subjects and courses did I heavily use30


(BAJ) was established in June of 1975 and began a restructuring process in 1992. A new management team was appointed in 1993 to continue the restructuring effort, and successfully introduced state of art technology, modern banking products and services and revamped its staffing portfolio. As a result the bank became profitable in 1995 and it steadily increased the return of investment since then. Moving into the Shari'ah-compliant banking was a preliminary point for BAJ and it led to the outstanding growths in the past five years. BAJ has achieved progressive growth, which was mainly due to its continuing efforts to improve. BAJ is becoming a premier bank in Saudi Arabia that provides high-net-worth individuals and large institutions with innovative banking solutions that are compliant with the Islamic Shari'ah in an exclusive ambience.

2.1Location of the Bank

The head office is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Originally part of the overseas branch network of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), BAJ Was founded in 1976 by Saudi investors (65%) and NBP (35%). It was the first joint venture Bank in the kingdom, formed to comply with the requirement all banks have at least a 60% Saudi shareholding. Subsequent increase in capital in 1992 and 1994 came entirely from the Saudi shareholders, with the result that the NBP shareholding has been significantly diluted. BAJ is one of the 12 banks in the kingdom and has recently completed the conversion of business model from conventional to Shari'ah Compliant banking. It comprises three principal business lines –Personal Banking, Corporate Banking and investment – and operates through a network of over 28 branches (2005-21) and 12 ladies section located in the major cities in the kingdom. The ATM network now stands at 307 (2005-67).Headcount currently totals 1,974 up from 1,088 at the end of 2005.

2 Types of services/products given

The BAJ provides many services to companies and people This list will include all and the most popular services that BAJ provides:

1 Personal Banking

1-AL-jazira Maysara Visa Card

BAJ has launched its visa card in response to increased demands for Islamic solutions in the banking sector. The card conforms to the principles of Islamic law, and offers a number of benefits to our clientele, thus making it very simple and user-friendly. The card is accepted worldwide by over 32 million companies in the retail, manufacturing and service industry, as well as by other banks. The visa card allows you to easily withdraw Cash from over 1,000,000 cash machines all over the world. Applying for a visa card has never been this easy. All that is required is for you to go through few straightforward procedures, all at very affordable and competitive price.

2-Telephone Banking

BAJ provides clients with the opportunity to gain access to their account 24 hours a day. It doesn’t matter where they are – they don’t have to leave...
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