Coomunication in the Classroom

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Communication Effectiveness in the Classroom

“True communication begins not talking but listening”

Nowadays live in a globalized world, where the means of communication transmit many things to the audience, things that we don´t expected, and that is a big trouble talking about the influence in students. It’s known that some advertisements and programs are not appropriate in values, developing capacities, and even don’t make students to think and this is reflected in the classroom when they talk with their partners, so teachers have a hard work to do to give them a good education based in an effective communication.

To give to know about the communication process in the classroom it is precise to analyze the definition of communication and its importance in the educative process. Barnard (1938) defined communication as" the means by which people are linked together in an organization to achieve a common purpose." To Hoy and Miskel (1982) communication refers to the behavior that conveys the desired meaning of a message to the two or more parties to the message. While Anderson (1972:5) defined it as a dynamic process by which an individual, consciously or unconsciously Affects the cognitions of another through materials or agencies used in symbolic ways. Communication as Kimbrough and Nunnery (1988) posited may be "regulative" characterized by "task - related may directions and feedback between superiors and subordinates". Communication can also be conceived of as 'Innovative' "dealing with means and ends of bringing about change". (Kimbrough and Nunnery 1988: 365).Communication can take the form of one - way or two ways, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. It can also take the form of formal or informal. In a one way communication, the communicator sends out message which does not elicit a response as in the case of a school teacher who sends for a student

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