CoolBurst Organizational Behavior Analysis

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Organizational Behavior Case Analysis :
“What Stifling the Creativity at CoolBurst
Group 4 :
Anggun Muhammad Barkah



The Theories
I. Organizational Culture
“CoolBurst had old organizational culture, which reflected the traditional background and most of the employees were loyal, old-fashioned and conservative both in mind and manner”
Organizational Culture definition :
 The shared social knowledge within an organization regarding the rules, norms, and values that shape the attitudes and behaviors of its employees General Culture Types

Culture Strength

“How do you make a
bunch of people who are
happy doing the same
old thing come up with
new ideas ? It’s just not
the CoolBurst way”
(Carol Velez)

The Theories
II. Leadership : Styles and Behaviors
“As a CEO, LaRoue was nearing 65 and had been at CoolBurst his entire career. He valued self-discipline and respect for authority. He was stiff and could be categorized as a transactional leader with no ‘openness to experience’ pers0nality” Leadership definition :

 The use of power and influence to direct the
activities of followers toward goal achievement
Leadership Styles


Transformational Leadership

The Theories
I. Organizational Commitment
“Velez had not had her heart in her job since her idea about Mango Tango was refused and Jenkins had left CoolBurst shortly thereafter to join Thirst Smasher” Organizational Commitment definition :

 A desire on the part of an employee to remain a member of an organization

Theorical Relationship :
Velez and Jenkins had very
low affective-commitment
while the others had high
continuance commitment

You want to
Awareness of
the costs
with leaving
You need to
a feeling of
You ought to

The Theories
IV. Job Satisfaction
“About new inovation of flavor that had been invented, the company refused it and new digital creative advertising was rejected. Both Velez and Jenkins dissatisfied about their job”

Job Satisfaction definition :
 A pleasurable emotional state resulting from
the appraisal of one’s job or job
experiences. It is based on both cognition
(calculated opinions of your job) and affect
(emotional reactions to your job)

Value-Percept Theory

The Theories
V. Motivation
“Velez and Jenkins had no more interestingness, enjoyment and personal expression since their innovation and creation were not appraised and appreciated. They had no more intrinsic motivation”

Motivation definition :
 A set of energetic forces that originate within and outside an employee that initiates workrelated effort and determines its direction, intensity, and persistence Intrinsic Motivation :
Motivation that is felt when task
performance serves as its own reward
Intrinsic Motivation :
Motivation that is controlled by some
contingency that depends on task

The Theories
VI. Team : Processes and communication
“To change, creativity at CoolBurst should not be confined to the marketing and product development departments. All units and departments need to support the changing process and enhance the creativity”

Team Processes definition :
 Reflects the different types of activities and interactions that occur within teams and contribute to their ultimate end goals
Team Work Processes

“Any procedure in CoolBurst simply
because ‘that is the way it is always been
done’ must be challenged by the entire
organization members”

Task Work Processes

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