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Topics: Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: April 3, 2013
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When observing Chinese dynasties today, it is seen that all the dynasties combined have lasted around 4000 years, from the Xia to the Qing, but how did each individual dynasty truly last so long? There were three major factors that led to lengthy Chinese dynasties. First of all, the Chinese dynasties’ trade and its evolution led to the wealth of several Chinese dynasties, enabling longer rule. The political innovations and structures created and adapted by the Chinese were effective, and led to more efficient ruling, lengthening the lifespan of the dynasties. Finally, the many intellectual creations and innovations produced by several dynasties led to easier life and increased stability, enabling the dynasty to last longer. The economy and trade of the Han and Tang, the political structures of the Han, and the intellectual creations of the Han and Song, led to dynasties lasting for so long.

During the later Chinese dynasties such as the Han and Tang, the trading evolved and the manufacturing increased. Previously, during the early Shang and Zhou dynasties, the Chinese people only traded internally. However, in the late dynasties, due to foreign contact, the Chinese became more eager towards outside trade. During the Han Dynasty, the Chinese realized how valuable the silk they made was. The government owned huge silk mills, which competed with the private silk weavers. After the silk was created, there was a worldwide demand for it, and so the Chinese began to trade along the Silk Roads, and the silk they sold all over Asia and India, traveled all the way to Persia and eventually Rome. This increase in trade and commerce led to Chinese dynasties lasting longer due to the benefits they provided the government and people. The government became rich off the silk mills, and thus could use the money in order to improve the dynasty, or specifically the government itself, which would work quickly and more efficiently, lengthening the dynasty’s life. In...
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