Conveyor Belt Memos For 3 And 4

Topics: Cash flow, Costs, Critical path method Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: April 28, 2015
Conveyor Belt
1. Which if any of the resources are overallocated?
a. Design, Development, and Documentation are overallocated
i. Design
1. 5 weeks starting Feb 7,2010 by one person
ii. Development
1. Feb 8th until July 3rd, 2010 by 4 people
iii. Documentation
1. March 8th until Mar 12th, by 1 person
2. Assume project is time constrained. Try to solve with leveling within slack. What happens? a. When leveling within slack, we clear up most problems. However, Development is still overallocated for most of its time, as noted above 3. What is the impact of leveling within slack on sensitivity of network? Why? a. This dramatically increases the sensitivity of the network. By leveling within slack, we created more critical paths. This means that if one activity falls short of the deadline, then the entire project is more effected. 4. Assume project is resource constrained. Resolve overallocation problems by leveling outside slack. What happens What are the managerial implications? a. All resources are not overallocated. However, the length of the project has now been extended to 1020 days, finishing on 12/27/13. 5. What options are available at this point?

a. We could use a combination of leveling.
b. We could hire outside help
c. We could hire more people in the company to work on the project d. We could accept the late finish because we have not enough resources

Part B – Changes Made using external developer
WRITE THIS AS A MEMO AND SAY WHY WE DID IT, make shit up, I don’t care. We don’t get graded on being the cheapest, we get graded on supporting what we (I) decided to do Moved start date of Disk Drivers to 6/22/10

Moved start date of Kernel specifications to 3/15/10
Moved Memory Management to 4/12/10
These allowed the developers to finish utilities before starting on these tasks and freeing them up. We utilized both extra internal developers. Still allowed for some cushion to not create another critical...
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