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Topics: Pollution, Indonesia, Air pollution Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Chapter 1: Describe your village or neighborhood. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the country? * Good morning, James and longtime no see you!
* Hi, Jack! How are you?
* I am fine. I have a big choose. I will buy a new house in this month. * Wow! That is awesome! Congratulation!
* Thanks! Now I have a problem. I want to live in the countryside but I do not know what it looks like in Vietnam. Can you describe it? * Of course! My hometown has a lot of greenery. The houses arranged alternately with rice fields. * Does it have any bookstore or supermarket?

* No, it does not. However, it has a market, a post office, a mosque, some temple, several drug stores and grocery. * Do you enjoy the life in the countryside?
* Yes, I love it. Life in the countryside is less noise, dust, air pollution, and water pollution. Your heath guarantee. * Oh, it is good! However, there is still lack of electric and water in some village. What I am going to do if I have not them? * Do not worry about that. Nowadays, the government is developing the countryside and all countryside will have electric and water soon. * Thanks for your advices. Can I visit your hometown someday? * Yes, you can and I think you will love it.

* OK! I have to go now! See you later! Bye!
* See you soon! Bye!
Chapter 2: Tell about one custom in your hometown / village (or in Vietnam) that you know / like best. * Oh, you look like very happy. What is up, Jamey?
* Oh, hi Jeremy. I will join a special festival in my hometown this weekend. It’s “Ngu Ong Festival” * “Ngu Ong Festival”? I haven’t even heard this festival before.
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