Conversion Psychology

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Conversion Psychology

Conversion Psychology

Ways to Influence
People Online
by Gregory Ciotti

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Conversion Psychology

First, A Special Thanks...
I'd like to start off this e-Book by doing something that I've seen so very few people do: I'd like to thank you for checking it out!
If you're like me, you don't just go handing out your email “willy nilly” to the first guy/gal who begs for it.
That's why I am sincerely grateful that you would not only enter your email on my site, but also that you had interest enough to check out this free report that I wrote for you.
Enough of me kissing your ass though ;)
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Gregory Ciotti
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Conversion Psychology

What Is Influence?
Influence, in it's essence, can be defined as:
“the capacity of persons (or things) to be a compelling force on the actions, behavior, and opinions of another”
The reason that influence (and the psychology behind it) is so important to blogging and online marketing is that, no matter your niche, you are trying to influence people to take action.
In order to successfully influence people, you need to understand what makes them “tick”, or have some sort of insight into the things that they care about in order to have some “say” in their decision making process. There's a problem though...

You are not going to be able to meet and “get to know” all of your potential customers or subscribers. You will never have luxury of getting to know more than a handful of your customers, outside of what you web analytics tell you about their habits on your site.

How then, can you ever hope to influence them?
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Conversion Psychology

Patterns of Human Behavior
The answer comes to us when we realize few (if any) businesses will ever get to truly know each individual customer, so we must come to rely on the patterns of human behavior.
These patterns (which we've come to learn through research in psychology and sales) can serve as excellent indicators of how a majority of people are going to operate.
In the end, you don't need to know every single customer/subscriber individually to understand what drives them and what makes them take action.
If you're familiar with the most “famous” books on social psychology, examples including works like The Social Animal and Robert Cialdini's Influence, you'll recognize that one of the biggest fallacies of the human mind is how much we think that we are insusceptible to these mental tricks. Their research (and countless studies conducted by many others) have concluded otherwise: we all seem to subconsciously fall for the same persuasion techniques.

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Conversion Psychology

Understanding Our Brains
In order to prosper in the world of online sales and conversions, marketers must understand the basic principles of human psychology.
Not confined to being "niche specific", understanding how our brains work can go a long way to helping us understand how we can successfully (and ethically) move people towards saying 'Yes'.
Research into social & consumer psychology has come a long way, and there are a lot of lessons to be learned from these studies that smart marketers & bloggers can apply right away.
Below I've outlined 10 fascinating psychological research studies that will help you learn how people "tick", as well as how to apply them to increase conversions.
Let's get started!

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Conversion Psychology

1.) Asking A Little Goes A Long Way... For
Although at first glance it may appear to be counter-productive, one excellent way to find insights that can increase conversions is to stop focusing on why people say "yes", and zoom in on what makes they say 'no'.

One research study focused on testing...
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