Conversation With 7 People

Topics: The Barrier, Prince, The Conversation Pages: 7 (3255 words) Published: April 22, 2015
DAY 1: Conversation with 7 people
This conversation happened in my working place Tony Romas at E carve shopping mall. They were 7 people including 2 kids, 2 male and 3 female. They are all Malaysian and their age was near 30-35, one woman she was near 60 and the kids may be 7-10 years old. The objective of our conversation was to give the food order and take the order properly. Our restaurant is normally popular for ribs and sticks so every Saturday and Sunday we get lots of customer and this conversation also happened in Saturday night. They came with their family for their dinner. when they enter to the restaurant I greet them warmly and take them to the table after that they start ordering food but one thing that our menu was very new for them so that they ask me about all of our dishes and one by one I descried all of our dishes that how is the test and what ingredients we use and how long it will take to cook and etc. During my description they listen me so effectively so that they can choose their food for the dinner. When they ordered to me their food that time I also listen them so carefully so that I will not do any mistake because that is their 1st time experience in our restaurant. After taking order I repeat the order again to them that’s why if I did any mistake in that order than they can make it correct. The whole conversation takes at least 10 min to make the full order. During this conversation I was both a listener and speaker and that was a informational listening situation because I was focused on the speakers to accurately collect the information about their food. That was Saturday night so the main barrier in the conversation was the outside noise, because of that noise sometimes I cannot concentrated to them and also some other customer called me at the same time The music of the restaurant is another internal barrier of this conversation, because of this music it was very difficult to hear each other effectively so there was a mixture of effective and non effective listening. However some of the non effective listening situation occurred while the conversation was going on but still we can improve that kind of listening by using empathic listening system in the replay like “if I hear you correctly, you’d like to take grill chicken pasta” also by giving the proper feedback it can be verbally or non verbally like say yes, alright, or nodding of head, smiling or giving thumbs and etc. The effective hearing skill will be a good solution for that kind of conversation situation.

Day 2: Conversation with 9 people
This conversation happened on last week when we watched the cricket match between Bangladesh and Pakistan. We were 9 people including me and we are all friends. The participants were me, sufi, jahid, moon, mehedi, shawon, neloy, shahin and eliyas. Some of us from Bangladesh and rest of us from Pakistan. The main objective of this conversation was to show that our team is best and our country players are world best. I am from Bangladesh so that time I was supporting my team. Before the game start my all of Pakistani friends they told that we will win because we are the favorite and Pakistan never loss with Bangladesh last 15 years so today we will win but we told to them “No” today we will win because now we have some world class cricketer in our team. After the match finally Bangladesh win against Pakistan after 15 years and that time we told them that now our team is totally changed we have some talented youngster in our team so don’t think that you will win against us so easily, but they don’t want to listen to us and we also don’t want to appreciate with them. They continuously said that that was a accidental game somehow we loss but we are the best, we have lot better player then you. That day we make a lot of argument to each other because we all want to prove that now a day we are better than you. During this conversation I was both listener and speaker and that time we all were very...
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