Conversation Starter Week Five Indivdual Assigiment

Topics: Medicine, Health, Hypertension Pages: 4 (498 words) Published: May 24, 2015

Conversation Starter
Gwendolyn U Le Blanc
HCS/490 Health Care Consumer Trends and Marketing
April 28, 2015
Candrassar Meridith
Conversation Starter
What are the beneficial of a Solo Health Station? It is a self-services health screen kiosk machine, which enable consumers to a free healthcare tests. The device gives the patient a customized result of a health assessment and access to a list of local physicians in the area and allows them to set up an appointment. The Solo Health Station is furthermore able to provide the consumer with their weight, blood pressure reading, body mass, eye test, and pulse reading. The machine can provide information about health risk on the assessment test. These types of machine give information to consumers to help decide if there is a need to make a doctor visit or a trip to the emergency room. In most store you must be eight-teen to use the kiosk station these machines does not offer medical or health advice only information. The Solo Health Station is placed in retail stores worldwide that most consumer’s visit daily such as Walgreen Drugs, Sam's and Wal-Mart. The machine is used to educate consumers not to give medical or health advice. Once again, it is for information purpose only not for the replacement of professional advice, treatment or diagnosis. There is a ninth-five percent satisfaction percentage accuracy ratings of using these kiosks and the devices is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The Solo Health Station is cost efficiency to the consumers because it is free use. The dis advance is that some individuals are going to try to diagnosis themselves and use the information wrong in explaining to their doctor what information was given. In the place of writing the information down some patients is going to assume the wrong information. For example, the kiosk may provide a patient with information on how to lower their blood pressure and the patient...

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