Conversation Analysis

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Abstract 1

Introduction 2

Methodology 3

Literature review 3-4

Findings 5-6

Conclusion 6

Reference 7

Transcribed conversation 8-9


Throughout this assignment we have tried to discuss about what is Conversation Analysis and also the different aspects of conversation analysis which are considered to get a idea about whether a conversation is meaningful or not. And to this analysis we have choose a conversation between an Argentinean and an Australian guy who are having a conversation about the economic situation of Argentina. While doing this analysis we have found many aspects of conversation analysis.


Conversation means the formal or informal exchange of ideas by spoken words. Conversation also refers the informal spoken interchange of thoughts, information, etc. and oral communication between two or more people. Conversation is the most basic and widespread linguistic means of conducting human affairs. Because of the pervasive, everyday nature of conversing, its scientific study has proved particularly complex. It has been difficult to obtain acoustically clear, natural samples of spontaneous conversation, especially of its more informal varieties . . Conversation usually involves more than one party actively taking part and having the possibility to interrupt. It therefore tends to be more intimate and more personally relevant than other spoken forms.

Conversation analysis means the study of recorded, naturally occurring talk-in-interaction. The aim of studying these interactions is to discover how people understand and respond to one another in their turns at talk, with a central focus on how sequences of action are generated .Our main purpose of doing this conversation analysis is to find out the different aspects of conversation analyzing is to see whether the conversation is meaningful or not which are described in the study of Sociolinguistics


Methodology means the ways by which the any research or analysis is being performed. To accomplish this analysis we have collected an audio version of conversation between two people. We collected the data or the audio clips by surfing internet. Then we recorded it through a electronic device which is a cell phone. After recording this conversation we hear the conversation for several times to get a clear about the conversation and try to find out the different aspects of conversation.

Literature Review:

We have selected a conversation between an Australian and an Argentinean for this analysis to find out some aspect of conversation analysis. After hearing the conversation several times we are able to detect some aspects of conversation analysis like , filler or exclamatory expressions, politeness, pause, sequence, no interruption,...
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