Topics: Guizhou, Hunan, Yunnan Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: September 2, 2013

Wan Ting : Hi Car Ley. Seem like times fly and the year-end holidays is coming soon. Do you have any plans for the year-end holiday?

Car Ley: I'm planning on sleeping all day, every day! 

Wan Ting: Oh, come on Car Ley, you must be kidding. 

Car Ley: Yeah, I'm just pulling your leg. Actually, I'm going to go down to Guizhou Province. 

Wan Ting: Really? Why would you go to Guizhou? It's not a very popular tourist site. 

Car Ley: Exactly! It's not very popular, so it won't be too crowded. I enjoyed my trip to the Great Wall, but there were so many people there. I think it spoiled the atmosphere a bit. 

Wan Ting: I'm sure Guizhou won't be so crowded. But won't it be too cold in the winter? 

Car Ley: No, according to one of my friend who went there before, it's not very cold which is a good place proofing against the bitter weather.

Wan Ting: Well, that sounds good. I wouldn't mind have a look into it through internet. Still, I wonder is there anything worth seeing in Guizhou? 

Car Ley: Sure! For one thing, there's the beautiful natural scenery. I'm sure you've heard of the Huang Guo Shu Waterfalls. There's also the Maling Gorge which is said to be spectacular. There are mountains everywhere in Guizhou, even in the capital city of Guiyang. 

Wan Ting: Yes, I have heard of Huang Guo Shu Pubu, but won't you get bored just looking at the scenery? 

Car Ley: Come on Wan Ting, there's lots of things to do. I can go hiking in Qian Ling Park in Guiyang, visit Miao villages in the southeast, and I know you've heard of Zunyi, a very historical city. It's where Mao Ze Dong first became the leader of the Red Army. 

Wan Ting: Gee, when you describe it like that, it sounds really interesting! I am sure you will have fun. I have to go now. Let’s talk about it next time.Bye. Car Ley : Bye.
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