Conventional or Non-conventional medicine

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Should People Use Conventional or Non-сonventional Medicine? "A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession" (Hippocrates) Now we live in such a kind of world where numerous fatal diseases arise and increase day by day. Mankind always tries to find useful remedies for these diseases, but sometimes people hesitate to decide which cure is the best. As Hippocrates said health is the most valuable thing for person. Without health a person is nothing. So, we should do our best in order to protect our health. Due to several reasons alternative medicine is regarded as the best way. Therefore, people should prefer alternative medicines to chemical ones without any doubt because they have already proven their values to the worldwide.

The main argument is that non-conventional medicine ensures people to be healthy and guarantee that effects will remain in the long-term. Recent research has proved that this kind of medicine has gained the confidence of people, because these methods have been around since the beginning of life. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that more than 65% of world`s population rely on this medicine ( According to the survey, one out of three Americans who have used alternative medicine said that they would use it again without any avoidance. Alternative medicine is more effective in the long-term because they don`t just try to find a treatment for symptoms of disease. Instead of finding a cure for pain, for instance, alternative medicine finds out what has caused the pain and they make an effort in order to hunt out the root of the pain. So, these estimated factors make alternative medicine stronger than conventional one.

Secondly, non-conventional medicine has gained high popularity because they provide cheaper results. The cost of medical treatment is higher because of using chemical medicines which require more...
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