Controversies in Science: Then vs. Now

Topics: Stem cell, Embryonic stem cell, Universe Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Controversies in Science: Then and Now

Over time many different scientific ideas have been affected, not only negatively, by opinions of people around the world. To start the idea of geocentrism is “a disproved theory that places the Earth at the center of the Universe with every other heavenly body orbit around it.” This theory was first introduced in the 6th century B.C by Anaximander, however it did not become extensively popular until the 2nd century A.D when Ptolemy unveiled his theories. Earth was not always thought to be a sphere; instead when the the thought of geocentrism was first proposed, it was believed that earth was a cylinder and all of the planets, moons, and stars “were holes in invisible wheels surrounding the Earth.” Anaximander believed humans could see enshrouded fires within the holes. However, many developed their own perceptions of the universe. Such as, in the Aristotelian system where the earth is spherical and centering the system and all of the bodies are connected to fifty-six concentric spheres which rotated the earth. Finally, the concept of heliocentrism, “The idea of placing the sun at the center of the universe”, became supremely popular in the 16th century. This was because technology was advanced enough at the time to prove more evidence toward the idea, than in earlier times.The heliocentric model was probably not introduced by Copernicus until he was dying because the Catholic church considered the thought of the sun being at the center unorthodox. So, after Copernicus died the church tried to suppress the theory. The heliocentric model eventually replaced the geocentric model, even though the process was slow.

Now, in the present, there are ever growing controversies in Science. For example, stem cell research is a topic that is always being criticized and/or applauded. It has not been completely used in the public mainly because of ethical disagreements. First of all, a clear definition of a stem cell is needed. “A...

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