Controversie of Same Sex Marriages

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: April 3, 2013
In order to gather background information of various individuals who openly support same sex marriage, I asked each of the following four questions. (1) What are the main reasons for your decision to support same sex marriage? (2) Do you feel opposition to your views from your family and friends? (3) Have you ever had one view, and then decided to change? If so, why? (4) Does your view of same sex marriage affect your vote in the upcoming presidential election? Why?

People who support same sex marriage have their opinions based on a wide array of experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds.
With question number one most interviewees shared their support of same sex marriage as being based not on religion, and that it should be based on the civil issues surrounding it. Interviewee number one (a 21 year old, evangelical, heterosexual male) stated, “Having a governing body that is not based on religion, should not have religious rights created in the decisions.” Interviewee number two (a 50 year old, medical professional, in a same sex marriage, male) says, “The government grants civil contracts to heterosexual married individuals guaranteeing them certain rights, same sex couples want these same rights under that same law.” Through out my next two interviews, noticing that not only was the reasoning behind pro same sex marriage based on civil issues, but how people should be treated completely equal; no matter what sexual orientation or how they present themselves, physically. “This land was built on freedom, we all deserve to exercise it anyway we choose.” (Armitage) Although these few interviewees are not a like demographically, they share roughly the same views and thoughts of how same sex marriage should be legal, based on civil liberties.

Question two was a bit different with the answers not being so similar. My question was, Do you feel opposition to your views your from friends and family? “Not by friends, but grandparents for sure, just because of...

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