Controversial Issues

Topics: Pregnancy, Human, Same-sex marriage Pages: 2 (894 words) Published: March 30, 2005
Controversy is everywhere; people can take the least controversial things and make them controversial just for the sake of arguing about them. There are a lot of issues that are a big concern to people these days; issues that cause debates and become major issues in presidential elections. People take all kinds of views of these very issues and a lot of the time the bible is a big influence on people's final decisions on how they feel. People believe things are wrong because the bible tells them that it is wrong. No matter what religion you are the bible in a very important piece of history in this society. Things like abortion and homosexuality are frowned upon because of the way the bible is interpreted. People feel that the sixth commandment "thou shall not kill" also goes for a fetus; or they take that a union is between a man and a woman means that people of the same sex can't have the same sacred union. People take this out dated piece of history and try to apply it to our society today without taking into account that the human race has changed since the bible has been written.

When the topic of abortion comes up people refer to the bible's sixth commandment "thou shall not kill" and they feel that having an abortion is killing a baby no matter what stage of the pregnancy it is in. People feel that abortion should not be legal. Professor of law at the University of Colorado, Paul Campos said, "Whether or not abortion should be legal turns on the answer to the question of whether and at what point a fetus is a person. This is a question that cannot be answered logically or empirically. The concept of parenthood is neither logical nor empirical. It is essentially, or quasi-religious idea, based on one's fundamental (and therefore unverifiable) assumptions about the nature of the world." People have different views on abortion, when it's acceptable, when its not and some just think that no matter what the circumstances it is never okay....
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