Controversial Essay Gay Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Adoption Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Harmful, or Just a Big Lie?
Children, in the hands of homosexuals? Harmful? Or just a lie? For many years, people have been debating whether adoptive children should or should not be placed in homosexual households, but really the controversy is what the best is for the children? Around the United States gay adoption has been severely put down, but not many states have an actual law stated in their constitution against it. The more the conservative the state is, the higher chance of them having a law against gay adoption. Though not many states have a law against gay adoption, it is still hard for gays to adopt. Nebraska, Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Utah all contain a ban against gay adoption. The United States does not include any type of federal law that states whether a state can allow gay or cannot allow gay adoption. The United States is facing a huge dilemma with this debate, and courts are still justifying making this a federal law. While some people believe that letting gays and lesbians have the right to adopt is right because it places children in a better home, while other disagree because they believe it will lead children into emotional disorders. People have not taken the time to realize that gay parenting has always been around for decades, whether we know it or not. The last thing society wants to believe is that homosexuals have always been raising children that have perfectly adapted to other atmospheres. “On the contrary, gays and lesbians have parenting throughout history, while being forced to hide their sexual orientation from intolerant societies” (Driscoll, Stingl). Most of society has never understood that gay parenting has always been around; they have not yet seen that there is no harm in homosexual homes. Others argue that children living in gay and lesbian homes grow up to follow their parent’s footsteps, but who really says so? Society claims children raised in homosexual homes are likely to be gay, but no...
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